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Automotive Industry Products

April 21, 2022
POD Industrial Nitrile Gloves, 100pcs/box

POD Industrial Nitrile Gloves, 100pcs/box An innovative blend of Nitrile and Vinyl (Composition: Nitrile Rubber/Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)) - ambidextrous, high elasticity, smooth, soft comfortable. The glove weight is 8.5 g. Ideal solution for manufacturing processes, gardening, pet grooming, laboratories, auto repair shops, warehouses, construction, cleaning and more. Non-sterile, powder-free. Product Code: GL-085 Feature: Packing: 100 pcs/box, […]

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April 20, 2022
POD Disposable Examination Nitrile Gloves 3.5 g, 100pcs/box

POD Nitrile Examination Gloves (Glove weight 3.5 gs) offer high-level protection. These stretchable exam gloves are soft and flexible. They recover their shape quickly and effectively mold to your hands for a comfortable and protective fit. No latex proteins, which may cause allergy, meet or exceed ASTM D6319. Product Code: GL-079 Feature: Latex-free resulting zero allergy […]

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